Welcome Back, East Families!

Dear East Families,
First and foremost, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your patience while we are not only navigating a global pandemic but also switching to a new communication platform (PowerSchool). My hope is that you have been able to stay healthy and safe during this time. I know that here at East we have greatly missed our students and are so ready to welcome them ❤️.

As we begin this unusual year I wanted to let you know we are focusing on ensuring your children are safe and emotionally healthy while also creating a vibrant learning environment. Though students do have to wear masks all day, except for lunch and recess, we will have mask breaks. We were very fortunate to have 10 tents donated. Our wonderful PTC is helping to set them up (thank you!). Teachers will spend as much time outside as possible; if children are socially distanced and outside they can take their masks off.

On the first day of school, drop off will be a little different than other days. In order to avoid the crowding at the doors, here is where the teachers will be:
Ms. Trull & Mrs. Huizenga at the library doors.
Mrs. Dickinson at the gaga pit
Mrs. Coleman under the trees by the spider web
Ms. Sedlock & Mrs. Waalkes at their usual spots by the back door.
Ms. Wolff and Mr. Stallings at the front of the school on the grass
Mr. Staggs and Mrs. Galdes at the baseball/kickball field
Ms. Straszheim and Mrs. Dupree at the soccer field
Mrs. Ashley and Mrs. Peterman at the basketball court by the 6th grade (on the east side of the building
The teachers will all have signs with their names on them. PTC board members will be there to help as well. They will be wearing pink neon colored shirts. They will be there to help direct parents if you should need them. Look for the helpers:)
Dismissal will be staggered for full and ½ days to avoid crowding. Here is the dismissal schedule for Monday:
11:30- Kindergarten
11:35 1st, 3rd, 5th
11:36 2nd, 4th, 6th
Children may begin entering school at 8:20. Unlike years past, there will be no lines outside or playground supervision before school starts. Please do not drop your child off before 8:20. If your child will be eating breakfast, there are white X’s by the back cafeteria entrance. Students may line up on the X’s at 8:20, the cafeteria helpers will open the doors at that time for the children to come in and take their breakfast back to their rooms.

Once again in order to be as socially distanced as possible, East will stagger dismissals a bit.
Here are the dismissal times for the year:
3:35 - Kindergarten
3:36 - 1st, 3rd, 5th
3:41 - 2nd, 4th, 6th

I highly encourage parents to stay in the car once your child becomes used to the routine, at drop off and pick up, except kindergarten parents. If you choose to wait on the playground, please make sure to wear your masks and stay socially distanced.
There are many other procedures that have changed. Today, I am focusing on the most important for the beginning of school. Please keep your eyes open for more information in the first week of school.
This school year will be a new journey for all of us, but please know that I am committed to keeping your children healthy and safe while we navigate through these uncharted waters together. I have so missed having the halls of East filled with the magic of children—their wonderful smiles, their laughter, their spirit. This year will be like no other but it will still be amazing.
Until Monday beautiful families.
Ana Aleman-Putman
Principal, East Elementary
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